Saturday, 24 February 2007


Our Saturday's start early, we have to be up and ready and out the door by 8:30 to get Georgia to dancing by 9am. It's a half hour drive, I must be crazy, but it's worth it. She really loves it and she has gained so much confidence. Why don't I send here to somewhere closer by??? I hear you say, No I couldn't, she goes to my cousins dance school, I would feel bad if I sent her somewhere else.

My big boy has lost another tooth. On Thursday he was wobbling and wobbling it all day. It came out just before tea-time. He was excited that the tooth fairy would be comming again. It was the bottom front-left the one next to the first one he lost. So now he has a really big gap, it's so cute:0)

Oh and really big news for the week (well I think so anyway) After 2 years and 3 months my baby boy finally says "MUMMY". And it so sweet, it's more like Mummmeeee..... He is quite slow with his talking, but I don't mind, I know after they start they never stop. LOL! He was so proud of himself that he could say it, and that's all we heard for the rest of the day, I just loved it:0)

I just wanted to mention that I am so proud of Ben. He has settled into school so well this year. No tears or "I don't want to go" of a morning. He even went up to his class by himself (his choice) on Wednesday and Thursday when I had to take Georgia. Such a big boy now.

Here are some photos of Jackson having a chat to nanny on the phone. It is the first time he has (tried) to talk to anyone on the phone, he used to just listen and try to work out when the voice is comming from. lol!

Last night we had another big, BIG thunder storm. This one seemed bigger than the last one. The lightening was so bright and seemed like it was right on top of us. Ben was the only one who woke up, He got frightened, so I slept in with him, until Jon got home.

I want to scrap, but I just can't do it. I think my big run has finished, and I don't want it to be. I don't know why it happens. I go really well for a while then ..........nothing. It's really frustrating:-S

Bye for now


Wednesday, 21 February 2007

First Day

Well today was Georgia's first day at kinder. She was so excited that the day had finally arrived, she had been counting down the days for a ages. She looked so cute in her over-sized uniform and backpack. Even Ben commented on how cute she looked, so sweet:0). I still think she looks to small to be going to school but she is so ready for it. I guess it's easier for 2nd, 3rd etc kids because it all pretty familiar. All she wanted to do was play in the little kitchen, which she remembered from when Ben was in kinder.

We searched everywhere for a little pair of black school shoes but there were none small enough anywhere:0( so we had to settle for a pair of sneakers instead.
She was so brave and so was I. I thought I would cry like when I dropped Ben off on his first day, but I coped very well and it makes a difference that I know the teachers and I know she will be fine. She has her cousin Isabelle with her in her class, so that really helps too.

Yesterday I took Georgia to the beach. We were all going to go after we picked up Ben from school, but when he got home he was too pooped, and Jackson was getting a bit tired too. She really wanted to go, so Jon said Why don't you just take her there, so I did. She had such fun, we made some sandcastles and she decorated them with shells. She really loves the beach ATM. She lasted about an hour then she got too cold, but she really would have stayed longer if I let her.

And a lo I did today of my gorgeous girl and her sweet little smile.

Bye for now

Ange xx

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Catching Up!

My first post in a week, naughty me:0) We have had a busy week. Our holidays were officially over last Tuesday when Jon went back to work (not happy Jan) I loved him always being here and not having to try and keep the kids quiet while he sleeps of a morning.

Ben started school on Thursday, My big Grade 1 boy, he was really great on his first day, really brave and happy to be back. He had his hair cut a couple of days before he went back, and it makes him look so grown up:0( His teacher is Mrs Hinns (not sure about the spelling??) and she is lovely.

Oh and here are some photos of Ben with his missing tooth..LOL!

We had an awesome thunder storm on Friday night. I really hate them and Jon was at work (great) So the kids got to sleep on the lounge room floor on their fold out sofa's while I sat on the couch with the blinds closed ( feel safer that way:0) when they got to sleep (about 9ish) I went upstairs to have a look out our bedroom window, great view from there, so I decided to try and get a photo to try and take my mind off how scared I was lol! Let me tell you it's really hard to get a photo of lightening (no der) I took about 20 photos and I only got this one, which isn't very good but it was the only one that wasn't completely black.

On Saturday night we had Sarah come and stay the night. I didn't get to see her much because I went to a wedding with Mum. She wanted someone to go with her so I offered to go:-) Little did I know it was going to be so, SO HOT! It was a lovely wedding though, at the Botanical Gardens. And afterwards at the rowing club across the road. It was a lovely night to sit by the water and look at the bridge all lit up, and listen to my Mun and Auntie and Uncle talk about funny things. Sarah was such a help with the kids. When I got home they were all in bed, and I was still really hot. Sarah nagged me to go for a swim with her ( I never go swimming) But I thought maybe just this once (because it was dark lol) It was so nice and refreshing, I really miss swimming, we stayed in for about an hour and a half (Jon though we must of drowned lol) We got back at about midnight. Sarah was all hyped up and I just wanted to go to bed but she conned me in to having a game of cards with her, then another......then I flaked in bed(I slept soooooo well:0)

On Sunday it was another HOT day so we packed a picnic and headed to the beach. Then I had Mum and Dad come for tea. It's so cool that even though they have been separated for about 20 years I can still have the both around at the same time and they have remained friends. Makes it so much easier at Christmas ans stuff like that:0) Anyway Dad took Sarah home which was a big help cause she lives a fair way away and Dad lives close to them.

My Baby Girl starts Kinder tomorrow:0( She is so excited about it and has been counting down the days. Lots of photos tomorrow morning:0) She goes on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9:55 - 2pm and her teacher is Mrs Harold. Different teacher than Ben had in kinder but She is really nice and a great teacher.

Some random Photos of Jackson having a jump on the trampoline

Thats all for today. I'll post some photos of Georgia's first day at kinder tomorrow.

Monday, 12 February 2007

New LO's

We have had a busy couple of days. On Friday Ben had his little friend William over for a play. We packed a picnic and when to the park. On the way back home we picked up Isabelle so Georgia had a friend to play with. We dropped them home at about 3:30. Then we came home and vegged out at home.

On Saturday Georgia missed Dancing and we left early to head up to orford to watch the scuttling of Troy-D. We didn't really get to see much, was a huge bang though:0)
After that we headed to Shelley Beach and had a picnic lunch. Silly me didn't pack the kids bathers cause the weather wasn't that warm but the kids wanted to swim, luckily Jon packed a towel and I packed a change of clothes, just in case, they hadso much fun. Shelley Beach is such a safe beach for littlies, very sheltered, but Jackson got a bit courageous and went out a bit deep and lost his balance, I was the only one who saw him, he couldn't find his feet,so I had to run in and get him, shoes on and all, it sure did teach him a lesson though, he didn't go out too far after that. I got absolutely soaked, wet jeans are pretty uncomfortable:0( They dried out a bit before the drive home though.

Ben discovered he had a wobbly tooth on Friday, He has gone to his cousins house to sleep for a couple of nights, he comes home tomorrow, we got home last night and their was a message from him, it was so cute, he said "my tooth has just fallen out", so we called him up and he was very excited about it:0) and the tooth fairy came to him at his cousins house last night. I felt a bit upset I had missed out on his first tooth falling out and all the excitement of the tooth fairy comming though:0( oh well there is always next time......I just hope the tooth fairy wasn't too generous at his cousins house ;0) I can't wait to see him with a missing tooth, how cute.

I have been getting heaps of scrapping done lately. here are a my newies....

This one of Jackson trying to play the ps2. The photos crack me up! So cute;-D

This one of Daddy and his little princess.

And this one of Ben at his first ever athletics carnival.

Thats all for now.


Saturday, 10 February 2007

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Zoo Doo

Yesterday we took the kids to Zoo Doo. They had a wonderful time feeding and patting all the animals. Ben loved the zebra bus ride up to see the emus, ostriches and camels. They all loved the little rides and jumping castle too. I think there favourite was the baby goats in the animal nursery, they were so cute. It was very hot there, but we had a great time.

We went to Jon's mums for tea last night.It was nice not having to cook again :0)

This morning we went to pay the school levies and pick up the school books. Ben and Georgia both got new school uniforms. Georgia's little school dress is so small and cute, I can't wait to see it on her :0) All we need to get now is shoes and bag for Georgia and they both need lunch boxes. I really love having them home over the holidays, but they are looking forward to going back to school again.

Another LO done last night "washing up for Grandma" I cant believe I'm getting some boy LO's done lately. I usually have trouble doing boy LO, so I really happy to be getting some done:0)

Lunch time now.


Tuesday, 6 February 2007


Today had been another good day. I am really liking Jon being home all the time, I could really get used to it:0)

First we took the kids up to Grandmas to wish her a Happy Birthday and give her pressie to her. She loved her presents and loved showing off the kids to her friends she had there for morning tea. She is such a wonderful grandma, she is the kind of grandma you wish for your children, kind and sweet, and she spoils them rotten, not so much with buying them things, but she just gives them her time and love. Reading them stories, cooking with them, out in the garden, always teaching them little things along the way. She really is such a special lady.

After that we took a drive to Richmond and had lunch at the park then headed to the barilla Putt and Play Mini Golf. The kids had a great time whacking the balls around and we pretty much had the coarse to ourselves, so Jacco ran a muck and had so much fun. Georgia got a bit sick of it after a while, it was pretty hot there, so she got tired quickly.

We went out for dinner for Jon's mums birthday with the rest of the family, no kids though, so the kids stayed home with Nanny. We got home at about 9:30 thinking they would all be sound asleep, but NO, Ben and Georgia were on the couch with Nanny watching a DVD. They got so excited when we got home so we let them have a couple of sparklers (their new craze ATM) out side then it was off to bed.

I finished off my next challenge LO. B/W photos and colour photos on the one LO. This one, "You And Your Lion", of Jackson, he fell asleep on the couch cuddling his special lion, I couldn't resist taking some photos, so cute:0)

Off to bed now

Ange xx

Sunday, 4 February 2007

A Perfect Day

Today was one of those perfect summer days, not that we did a lot, but just a lovely sunny, warm and not to windy day. We got up early and headed to Blackmans Bay beach, the kids had so much fun and I love to watch them play together so well, it's amazing when they are out doing fun things they don't seem to fight at all. It was just so lovely sitting there on the beach watching them play I could have stayed there all day. We headed home for some lunch and then I did some cleaning then headed up to Jon's mum's to help her sew some cushion covers. The kids wanted to stay and play for a while so I headed home to prepare for tea. We invited them down for tea, we had Georgia's favourite, burritos. After tea we went for a stroll around the block, Ben rode his bike, which has been under Jon's mum and dad's house for ages, he hadn't forgotten how to ride though:-) and Georgia rode her scooter.

Last night the kids slept in the tent. They had been nagging and nagging to sleep in since we got it (which was a few weeks ago) Best thing we ever brought them for $15, they play in it all the time. I was too scared to let them sleep in it outside by themselves cause they are too young, so we brought it inside and put it in Ben's room and they thought that was great.

I also did this quickie LO last night.

Now I am off to start my new challenge LO :0)

Ange xx

Friday, 2 February 2007

B'day photos

I had the best night at Tacos on Wednesday, lots of laughs and lots of Margaritas (yum) The kids had little mock-margaritas which they thought were so cool. It was so funny we thought Isabelle got a real margarita by mistake, she went really silly and was making everyone laugh, but I think it was the huge sugar rush that must of done it LOL! The food was really yummy too. We ended up taking Sarah with us to the movies and she has slept here the last couple of nights. We went to see Epic Movie, and if you were thinking about going to see it...........DON'T DO IT!!! It was really bad. Jon reckons it is easily the worst movie he has seen and I think I agree with him, it was pretty bad. It was nice to have Dale come out for tea too. he is my nephew and he usually doesn't come to things like that so I was really happy he came......even though he didn't say much, in fact he didn't eat or drink much either, but I guess that's teenage boys for you :0)

Here are the photos from Wednesday night at Taco's

opps sorry there is two pics of that???? I don't know how to delete one???

As I wrote earlier Sarah has stayed here for a couple of nights, I took her home today, while she was here we did some scrapping and last night we went to Drew point for a BBQ tea. The kids love it when she comes to stay, she is so good with them too.

Here is the LO I did yesterday with Sarah, I didn't get to scan hers before she took it home so I can't post a photo of it, but it was really good. She wanted to try a monochromatic LO and she chose to do a pink LO.

Better go and think about tea now

Ange xx