Sunday, 25 March 2007

Catching Up

*WARNING* Lots of rambling!!

Wow where does the time go??

Thurs: We picked up Georgia from Kinder at 2pm and decided to go to BigW to fill in time until we had to pick up Ben (it's a bit of a pain) then back up to school at 2:55 to pick Ben up. It was a beautiful autumn day (quite warm really) so we went home and set up the slip and slide for the kids, and the big kid, Jon decided to show em how it's done, so out came the bubble bath and pool flootie thingo and off he went, It was hilarious LOL!! The kids thought it was pretty funny too. We had a BBQ for tea, then a walk around the block before bed.

Fri: Well Jon got a free ticket to the pura cup final from work so he thought he would take Ben to watch it. Ben was very excited about going to the big sports oval, and sitting in the big grand-stand. Ben wanted to keep moving though. He wanted to go higher, and higher LOL!! They didn't stay long, Ben got a bit board after a while and they boys had the game won, so they headed home a bit after lunch. It was another beautiful day and GG (Georgia Grace) wanted to go to the beach. So we headed to the beach, which was nice,there was heaps of shells at the beach so we drew a big face in the sand and went around the lines with shells and Ben found some sticks for his arms and we gave him spiky hair, the kids loved doing this, I wish I had of took the camera. After a while the grey clouds started rolling in, I thought it was going to thunder so we headed back home. Then Jon had to go and help his brother Matt lay some carpet so Ben went along too. They didn't get home till after 7pm By this time I had 2 very hungry and tired kiddies, so we had a quick tea (yummy flat-head) then it was into bed.

Saturday: We picked up Isabelle and took her with us to dancing, it was handy Jon was up so he had the boys while I took the girls to dancing. I got home to a very tidy house ( I am a lucky girl) He had packed up all the toys, vacuumed, and cleaned the kitchen, he also managed to get the boys dressed and feed, isn't he a good daddy :0)

Ben had Sam's party in the arvo, it was a gymnastics party at the sports center. He really enjoyed himself and told me afterwards that he wanted to have his next party there.

We had our good friends Sarah and Michael around for a roast dinner (it was really yummy, even if I do say so myself) they must of enjoyed it to because they wouldn't let me throw the left-over potato's out, so they wrapped them up and took them home LOL!! It was a really fun night, I didn't have to worry about getting the kids to bed early, so the stayed up late and had fun playing with them. I really value their friendship, they don't have kids of their own yet, but they have still managed to stay good friends with us, even though we can't go out as much as we use to because we have children, we have lost contact with a other friends since we have had our kids, but things have never changed with them which is so great. I can't wait till they have kids too, I think they are planing it for next year (yay!!)

Today: It's been a pretty quiet day, not much happening, the kids were drawing outside on the concrete with chalk, and I decided to draw a hopscotch grid(not sure if that's what you call it??) for them to play on, It brought back memories of my primary school days, when you throw a rock (we used a piece of pine bark) and the square it landed on you had to miss it. It kept them quiet for about 30-40 mins.

We went and had a look at a block of land, it's exactly what we want, big, flat, and in a quiet cal-de-sac, the only thing wrong with it is the price:0( It's not fair, Jon is getting very anxious to find a block, and get building and settled into our own home again. I keep telling him to just be patient, that something great will come up soon. But now I'm getting to the stage where I just would like to know what we are doing, and if we at least had a block we could get started with things................hmm, I sure it will happen soon.

Jon back at work tonight, but only for two nights, then two off again.Yippeeee!!

Here is a quick LO I did the other night, not great, but I'm lacking a bit of inspiration, Maybe tomorrow my new goodies might arrive in the post and perk me up a bit:0)

Hope you have a good week:0)


Wednesday, 21 March 2007

I'm Back

I happy to say I am on the mend after my 3rd lot of tonsillitis in about 6 weeks. The antibiotic have kicked in and I'm feeling much better. I went to the doctor last Thursday and he put me straight back on them, then I had the worst 3 days, I was vomiting and had the worst migraine I have ever had, I didn't think it would ever go away, but now I feel fine still a bit snuffed up though. The doctor told me that I also have a sever sinus infection, and I may have to go onto a stronger dose of antibiotics after I finish these ones. Anyway that's enough about that.

We haven't been doing a lot lately, just everyday stuff. Jon has been walking up to the school to pick up Ben and he takes Ben's bike, so he gets to ride home, which he just loves, he thinks it's pretty cool. If I hadn't been so sick I would go too, and take Jackson in the pram. Maybe I will start tomorrow?????

The kids had a water bomb fight the other day, it took me ages to fill em up, but well worth it, they had a ball. Jacco was cracking up every time he popped one, so cute. Ben and Daddy got a bit rough for little Georgia and Ben "accidentally" hit Georgia with one on her back (don't know if you can see in the photo) and it got her soaked. She wasn't very happy about that but he gave her a free shot at him, but she just couldn't do it (the little angel) She just likes throwing them at the plants and fence.

I did this LO today. I love these photos of Jackson with the sun on his hair, it shows all the beautiful colours, so that's what I made the LO about. I used my new swirl stamps for the first time on this LO. I am also excited that after a long search I found a set of itty bitty alphabet stamps on e-bay and they arrived last week. I haven't used them yet but they are like the ones I borrowed from Mel a while back, and I just had to have my own (fell in love with em:0)

I am also happy to announce that Baby Annabell is now the proud owner of 3 new dresses, 2 new bonnets, 1 new sun hat, a new pair of panties and a new petticoat. And I am so proud (and a bit surprised) that I got them finished. Usually I get halfway through something like this and then lose motivation. She looks so cute in her new outfits and little sandals, and Georgia is very happy too.

After to night Jon has 3 nights off work, so I am happy about that, and I am really happy cause he said he would take me out for dinner. Mmm the big decision is where should we go?? Any suggestions??

Lastly I wanted to share this photo that I have been playing around with. I took it on Christmas day, it's of my Nan, who is 93 this year, and my little niece Amelia. I don't know why but I just really love it, there is just something about it?? It's one of those photos that I'd really love to scrap but I just wouldn't know how (if you know hat I mean) I know I am weird, I should just scrap it and be done with it, but I think it's just so precious I don't think I could do it justice.

Thanks for dropping by:0)


Saturday, 10 March 2007

LO's to Share

I have been scrapping.....Yay!!! Here are some of them. (sorry about the bad photos) Do have some others I need to finish off so I'll share them when I do:0)

And here is a little container I covered to keep my buttons in.

Not a lot else to share, we haven't been up to much, just normal everyday stuff. I have been sewing though, have almost finished two little dresses for baby Annabelle, I will share them when I have finished also. I got these shoes for her off E-bay. Aren't they just so cute. Georgia hasn't seen them yet. I wanted to wait till I finish sewing the dresses and give them to her altogether.


Friday, 2 March 2007

Busy Week

It's been another busy week. Georgia's been to kinder again on Wed and Thurs and she is still absolutely loving it, which is so great. While she was at kinder on Thursday I took Jackson to kinder gym. He loved it so much and there wasn't too many there which was good. He didn't stop the whole time we were there (about 45 mins) but he wasn't to sure about the singing and dancing part lol!

Ben had a party tonight at MacDonald's. We got there and gave Cale his gift then he came over and gave me a hug and said "bye Mummy". I was like "oh, OK then". Not that I was going to stay long, but I was so surprised by his confidence, and how he was so totally fine for me to go. It's great, but a little sad in a way, he doesn't need me as much anymore, I guess I have to learn to let go:0( Oh and BTW the party was a hit with the kids, but he came home with a tummy ache, he told me he had 3 pieces of ice cream cake :-0 Not sure if that was true or not.

Wednesday's and Thursday's are so quiet around here, it seems really weird to have only one at home again. Poor Jackson walks around in circles, wondering when the others will be home so he can play with them. He has cut out his arvo nap now so it's a long wait for him.

Here are some photo's of him passing the time. He loves building blocks ATM.

Not a lot happening scrapping wise. I have done only one lo this week (pretty slack I know) The pic of it isn't very good, but my printer/scanner has pooped itself, don't know what's wrong with the silly thing, so I had to take a photo of it (which I really suck at and can never seem to take a straight one:-S)

I moved my scrap area around today. I was hoping to make the lighting a bit better, but it didn't seem to help much. But I think I like the set-up much better:0)

Back to dancing tomorrow for Georgia, and after that I'm going to see if I can pick up a cheep book case from somewhere.