Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Happy B'Day to ...Me!

It's my birthday today and I got woken by the kids jumping on our bed with pressies and special cards they had made for me (so cute) Jon helped them make them yesterday and I wasn't allowed to look, when Ben was doing his he came to me and said "let me look at your hair mummy", I have recently had foils put in and he had to get all the colours right LOL!

After my lovely pressies and cards I went down stairs to find Jon cooking me a special breakie of Pancakes with raspberry jam and ice ream (yum, yum) after that the kids had to go up to grandma's (Jon's Mum) to finish icing the cake the made for me yesterday. It was a rainbow cake (their choice:0) with lots of pink icing. While the kids were at grandma's Jon drove me to the scrap shop in claremont so I could spend some of my B'day money he gave me, It was the first time I had been there so there was lots to look at. I got a few things then he took me to Richmond for lunch at the yummy Richmond Bakery and of coarse we had to visit the lolly shop while we were there:0)

So we headed back to Grandma's house with a bag full of lollies to share with them and then I got to have my yummy cake. After that we came home and I got to finish my challenge LO and later we are going to Tacos for Tea (yum Margaritas) with my mum and sisters and nieces. And maybe after tea Jon and I might go to the movies, Mum said she can take the kids home and put them to bed.

I have had the best day so far and have been so spoilt. I just love how the kids get so excited cause it's mummy's birthday, I wish I could share their excitement, but it's just another birthday to me really.

Here is my Monochromatic?? LO for the challenge I set, I chose white, and I'm happy with the way it turned out:0). I wonder what the next challenge will be???

We have had a fun couple of days really On Monday we took the kids to the aquatic center, they had so much fun, I got a few photos (not great ones though)

And yesterday we went to east lands to buy some school stuff, we only managed to get Ben some shoes. And afterwards we met my sisters and their kids at Rosney MacDonald's. The kids love it there and it's a good play thing for Jackson too, you can see what he's up to and he can manage to climb up on it (not like most of the macca's parks) And we had our good friends Sarah and Michael for dinner. They brought me a lovely bunch of flowers and some new champagne glasses ( my others got broken...what is with me and breaking champagne glasses) So now I have a set of 6, that should keep me going for a while. After dinner, we had lasagna, chips and salad, we got in some backyard cricket then watched Madagascar with the kids.
These were the photos I got of the kids at MacDonald's.

And Ben having a bat last night .

That's all for now :0)

Ange xx

Sunday, 28 January 2007


I had such a great time at Mel's house on Friday (thanks again Mel) I am also happy I got to join Mel, Charmaine, and Allison's little scrap group. I completed two of the challenges at Mel's house and have finished another one over the weekend. It's been rainy all weekend (typical long weekend weather, lol) so it's been nice just to stay at home snuggling on the couch, watching DVD's with the kids, and doing a bit of scrapping, here and there (even though I have a pile of ironing to do and plenty of other stuff I could be doing)

Georgia was back at dancing on Saturday morning, she was excited about going to meeting her new teacher, Miss Lisa, and she thought it was cool that they have some new girls in there group and also a little boy (how cute:0). On the way home I had to try really hard to dodge the scrap shop, then went to get Ben from Nanny's. He stayed the night which he doesn't get to do very often, and he had a lot of fun and I'm sure he got spoilt rotten.

here are my LO's

This one was the challenge Allison set to not use any bazzil or kraft.

This is the one Mel set to have the title or journaling on or around your photo.

And Sharmaine's challenge, to do a LO with no journaling or title. I had fun doing this one. You can't tell in the scan but I covered the wings with dimensional magic then sprinkled jewels, beads and glitter on them then hand stitched around them, and the aqua c/s has aqua tulle over the top.

I have set the next challenge to do a LO in one colour:0) Hope the girls have fun doing this one.

Ange xx

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Fresh Fish and Bubbles

Mmm, there is nothing better than fresh fish home-made coleslaw and chips for Dinner. The boys went fishing early today and came home with a heap of yummy Flat-head (my fave). There was plenty so we had my Mum and Dad for tea as well. Ben and Jackson just love it and Georgia use to love it too but she has gone off it, which is a bit sad (cause it's so good for them)

While Jon and Ben (and Grandad) were fishing, Georgia, jackson, Nanny and I went to spotlight to buy a dress pattern for dolls clothes to make Georgia's Baby Annabelle some new clothes. Georgia got her from Santa and she only has the clothes she came with (addition sets of clothes are so expensive, nearly as dear as real baby's clothes) so I thought I'd have a go at making her some. The pattern I got has: A petite coat and nickers, a couple of beautiful dresses, some over-alls, a bonnet and coat, and some PJ's. Mum and I have heaps of scraps of material so we should be able to scrape up something. I also brought some wool for Georgia's other Grand-ma to knit baby Annabelle a layette (Georgia's baby Annabelle will be a very well dressed baby soon, lol)

After Spotlight we had Isabelle come to play. Georgia and Biz get on so well together. While she was here we opened the bubbles Georgia won at Jye's Party (Georgia won both the games, so she was happy) They had so much fun with them, and I got some great pics of the girls and Jacco. Jacco was blowing bubbles too, I think he had blown bubbles before but it was the first time I got some photos of him doing it:0)

I am looking forward to doing some scrapping at Mel's house tomorrow arvo, I'm so excited:0)can't wait.

Off to bed now

Ange xx

Tuesday, 23 January 2007


Hello, I am now a blogger. I never thought I would be, but I'm gunna give it a go:0)

Well today has been a pretty quiet day as we got back from out little trip away yesterday. We went up to Launnie and Stayed at the Country Club Casino for 4 nites. The Kids had a ball they really love it there and Georgia told us "it's awesome" which we thought was hilarious comming from a 4 year old:0) They enjoyed swimming in the pool and big spa bath, playing golf and driving the golf buggie (georgia was the flag girl lol), getting room service for dinner, staying up late and having sparklers on the balcony, jumping on the huge bed, feeding the ducks and catching a baby rabbit to have a cuddle (they wanted to keep it of coarse).

We travelled up to Hawley Beach on the Saturday for a wedding of a friend, we got a bit lost and Jon was sure we were going to miss it but we finally found it. It was a beautiful spot for a wedding but the rain just couldn't hold off and as the bride arrived the skies opened and came down in sheets! I felt bad for them they got absolutely soaked, I thought they would have had a plan B, but they didn't seem to mind (they put on a brave face any way)

Got some of the photo's printed today after we went to the park. Then we called into the video shop to get a dvd for us all to watch, we ended up getting Willie Wonker (the newish one) Ben liked it, Georgia didn't really get into it and jacco is still a little young for full length movies, lol. I have seen the first one so many times and loved it as a kid, don't think the new one was as good as it, but I still enjoyed it.

Anyway here are some pics from the week end