Monday, 10 December 2007

A Catch Up

Thought I'd do a post on what's been happening in the last couple of months, If I can remember, I am a slack blogger, I know I've said that 100 times before. Here goes..........

Georgia's 5Th Birthday

Her birthday was the 5Th November.


Some of her pressies were: a new bike, mlp balloon house, Felicity wishes book, fishing rod, jewellery box plus other bits and pieces.

She took pink, white and red cupcakes to school on the Wednesday.

And she had a party on Saturday with a couple of her little friends from school, and family, She had a Strawberry Shortcake cake that my sister helped me decorate.

Georgia's Dance Concert.

The concert was on Saturday 17th Nov, They had a matinee and evening performance.

She did a song and dance (I'm a little doll) It was so cute, and she did such a fantastic job, we were so proud of her. She can't wait for the next concert next year(I definitely can!!) It's a big day for everyone, but the kids just have so much fun, which is all worth it!!

Some photo's

Jackson's 3rd Birthday.

His birthday was 22nd November.

Some of his pressies were: a new bike & helmet, mack truck and lightening McQueen car, Books, tonka tractor & trailer.

We had a family BBQ that night, I made him cupcakes too (green & Blue).

New House

Building is going well, and they should be at lock up by Christmas, hopefully we'll be in Feb/March. The kids always want to go up after school and see what's been happening. We still call it the block, but it is starting to really look like a house now.


We are just about organised for Christmas, which is a great feeling, just a couple of pressies to go. This will be our last Christmas at Fahan, which is a bit sad, I wonder where we'll have it next year!!

Mum got me to make the lolly boxes again this year for their Christmas Dinner,I had to do about 50 and I was glad when I finished, lol, here is a photo:

Sorry Mel no exciting Christmas decoration photos!! Maybe next time:0)

Georgia has her nativity play on Thursday, so that should be cute, hopefully have some photos to share:0)

Thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, 25 October 2007

Birthday Boy!

My baby boy is seven.............How did that happen so fast?? He had a good birthday yesterday, he was up at 5:55 (way too early). We got him a new bike, a remote-control robot that shoots things out of it, some Lego, some clothes from pumpkin patch, and a pirate book, he was one very spoilt boy. He actually woke up a couple of hours after he went to bed, the night before his birthday and caught us wrapping pressies and putting his seat up on his bike, so he got to have a sneak peak at it. I said to Jon lucky it wasn't Christmas eve, lol.

He asked if he could take a cake to school and I said that would be OK, but that was before he told me he wanted a rock and roll cake. OMG I had no idea how I was going to create a cool rock and roll cake for him to take to school, I decided to do an electric guitar, and it turned out OK, just don't look to close, lol, the kids at school thought it was cool, so I was relieved:0)

After school Jon walked up to the school with his new bike and he rode it home. The day was so sunny and warm, we had a family BBQ for tea, with my sister and her kids, my mum and our good friends, He was spoilt again with more cool pressies. Then we had another cake, which was a Bart Simpson peppermint choc-chip ice-cream cake (yum).

He got a call before school on his birthday from Grandma and Grandad, who have been away for about 6 weeks in their caravan, they will be home in a couple of weeks (thankgoodness, they have been missed, by the kids and by us.)
Toady was a pretty quiet kindda day, just stayed home and cleaned up, Ben got to play with all his new stuff. We did take a drive up to the block, the digger was there today digging out for the foundations, the cement mixer should be there in the morning. The kids were very excited to see some action finally. Dad won't say how long he thinks it will take to complete, it must be a builder thing, they never seem to tell anyone that, LOL!

That's all for today.


Thursday, 18 October 2007


Just a quickie post before I get tea ready.
Big news is we finally have approval from council for our new house.....Yippee!! (We've only been waiting two months:0( So the excavator is booked for Tuesday. Fingers crossed the rain stays away. We are all very excited about building this new house.

have been doing a bit of scrapping the last couple of days, I think I have my mojo back at last:0)

Firstly this one of Georgia collecting Shells and things.

Jackson, Georgia and Amelia at the shack.

And this one I did a while back I finished the journaling last night. It says "Ben loves to ride his bike to the shops, home from school, around the block or just in the back yard. But his most favourite place to ride is through big muddy puddles."

Better get tea ready before the kids start complaining. LOL! Burritos tonight. Yum!


Tuesday, 16 October 2007

I'm Still Alive!

Yes I am still alive........I'm just very slack at blogging. lol. Thanks for your comment Sharmaine, you got my bum into gear:-)

A lot has happened in the last couple of months, so much I can't really remember, so I'll just write about what has happened lately. We spent the weekend at the shack, it was really windy up the east coast but sunny. We have a little beach spot we go to which is nearly always sheltered from the wind, so the kids went swimming in their wetsuits and had so much fun.

We picked up Georgia's costume for the concert next month. It is so cute (red and white, her favorite colours) They are doing a song and dance again this year, the song is called "Are my ears on straight?" They are little dolls. Here is a photo of it, but it looks so much better IRL.

We have got Ben's birthday coming up next week, seven OMG, where does the time go. We have got him a new bike, to replace his old one, which is falling apart. We are not going to have a party with school friends this year, just a family BBQ. We took Ben and his little friend to see the Monster Truck show a while back, which we told him was part of his B'day pressie too.

We have a busy run coming up, all three of my little ones have their birthday before Christmas, and Georgia's dance concert, and getting organised for Christmas.

I'll leave with some photos of what I've done craft/scrapbooking wise in the past months.

My gorgeous niece Amelia, my sister (her mum) said she wasn't very photogenic, that explains the title.

Georgia in her book week costume, I still have to scrap Ben's photo's ( he was old McDonald)

Georgia at the beach, last summer. It says "The best thing about building sandcastles is knocking them down!"

My cutie and his dimples.

I picked up a copy of "Softies". A book with the most adorable softies to make. I have only managed Alfred Monkey so far. He is a very metro-sexual guy. He's not afraid to wear pink LOL! I really want to make some more little softies out of the book soon.

A little birdie bag, pattern by the talented Mel Goodsell, at Tarisota's, I need to finish the button and do the mini album.

A simple card I made for my good friend for her 30Th.

And that's about it from me.

Thanks for reading, if anybody does, lol.

Ange xx

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Seeing Double!!

I have been stitching up a storm lately (I have the stitching bug:0) Here are my Ruby dolls. I thought I would have a go and make one for Georgia. I was so happy with the way it turned out I thought I'd make one to give away to Ben's little friend Hayley for her birthday. The pattern was so easy and fun. I must say a big thank-you to Mel for the link to the patterns.

I have made a few more little things over the past week. I will share photos of them soon.

I have even started cutting out my first ever quilt ( go me, lol!) I'm hoping I might inspire my Mum into starting hers too:0) ( she bought fabric ages ago to start one, lol)

I am gunna really try and blog more too..................yer I know I've said it before, but I am gunna really try, lol.


Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Warm Winter Wendnasday!

Well today has been a really warm day, even though it's the middle of winter. I think it got to about 19*C. It was such a lovely day we decided to walk to school to pick up Georgia. Ben came home with a merit certificate today, a proud mummy moment, for always working hard:-) He is a hard worker and he loves school this year which is great.

Just catching up from the weekend, we spent the weekend at the shack. Was really nice to get away again. We had good weather too. On Saturday we packed a picnic and went for a drive to the beach, to do some shell collecting (this is Georgia's fave thing to do).
Sunday we were going to go fishing but we had a minor problem and didn't get out (got bogged!!, lol!!) was very funny, but that's all I'm going to say about that. Hopefully we will get to go fishing soon. We came home late Monday.

Here is a lo that I did last week sometime. I completed it in about an hour, which must be some kind of record for me, used some silver bazzil bling for the background.

Hope the rest of your week is good:0)


Wednesday, 18 July 2007

New LO

Just thought I'd pop in to share my latest LO. It is a scrap-lift of Mel's "Laundry Love" LO.
It's of Georgia, Jackson and their cousin Clare. These kids are very lucky to have a Grandma that can knit gorgeous clothes for them. She is an amazing knitter, she is so fast, and it's great cause knitted cardigans and vests are so in this season. Georgia has her little knitted vest and cardigan on in the photo and Clare is wearing Georgia's little red cardigan too.

On other news, our plans are finished, so we are picking them up tomorrow and taking them straight to council. I hope they aren't too long there. As soon as their approved we can start building (yay!!)
Not a lot else happening today. Had a quiet morning at home with Jacco, doing lots of house-work (yuck) .
We had Georgia's parent-Teacher interview this arvo, and she is doing so well at school, her teacher thinks she's a little angel, lol.
Today Georgia gave the little finger puppets she made to some of her friends at school, she also gave one to her teacher, so sweet. She has a little boy in her class who is autistic, and we have been talking a lot about him lately. She sometimes comes home from school and says that he is naughty. She must find it hard to understand why he is how he is, but I just say his brain doesn't work as well as the other kids. I thought it was so sweet that she wanted to give him a little finger puppet too, she is such a caring little girl, I just love her to bits.
Thanks for reading (if anyone does, lol)