Thursday, 25 October 2007

Birthday Boy!

My baby boy is seven.............How did that happen so fast?? He had a good birthday yesterday, he was up at 5:55 (way too early). We got him a new bike, a remote-control robot that shoots things out of it, some Lego, some clothes from pumpkin patch, and a pirate book, he was one very spoilt boy. He actually woke up a couple of hours after he went to bed, the night before his birthday and caught us wrapping pressies and putting his seat up on his bike, so he got to have a sneak peak at it. I said to Jon lucky it wasn't Christmas eve, lol.

He asked if he could take a cake to school and I said that would be OK, but that was before he told me he wanted a rock and roll cake. OMG I had no idea how I was going to create a cool rock and roll cake for him to take to school, I decided to do an electric guitar, and it turned out OK, just don't look to close, lol, the kids at school thought it was cool, so I was relieved:0)

After school Jon walked up to the school with his new bike and he rode it home. The day was so sunny and warm, we had a family BBQ for tea, with my sister and her kids, my mum and our good friends, He was spoilt again with more cool pressies. Then we had another cake, which was a Bart Simpson peppermint choc-chip ice-cream cake (yum).

He got a call before school on his birthday from Grandma and Grandad, who have been away for about 6 weeks in their caravan, they will be home in a couple of weeks (thankgoodness, they have been missed, by the kids and by us.)
Toady was a pretty quiet kindda day, just stayed home and cleaned up, Ben got to play with all his new stuff. We did take a drive up to the block, the digger was there today digging out for the foundations, the cement mixer should be there in the morning. The kids were very excited to see some action finally. Dad won't say how long he thinks it will take to complete, it must be a builder thing, they never seem to tell anyone that, LOL!

That's all for today.



Allison said...

That cake is awesome!!! You did a fantastic job!!!!!! Where are you bulding? It looks like it is just down the road from me???

Sharmaine said...

ohhhh look at that cake!!! Yum!! Allison just told me about it so I came over to have a look!!!
Glad he had a wonderful day and yay to the start of the building!

Melissa Goodsell said...

Oh my goodness, that's the sweetest photo ever of your 3 gorgeous children together, so so sweet.
Gorgeous cake!!

Melissa Goodsell said...

Oooh I really want to see pics of your Christmas decorations...if you have them up?