Thursday, 18 October 2007


Just a quickie post before I get tea ready.
Big news is we finally have approval from council for our new house.....Yippee!! (We've only been waiting two months:0( So the excavator is booked for Tuesday. Fingers crossed the rain stays away. We are all very excited about building this new house.

have been doing a bit of scrapping the last couple of days, I think I have my mojo back at last:0)

Firstly this one of Georgia collecting Shells and things.

Jackson, Georgia and Amelia at the shack.

And this one I did a while back I finished the journaling last night. It says "Ben loves to ride his bike to the shops, home from school, around the block or just in the back yard. But his most favourite place to ride is through big muddy puddles."

Better get tea ready before the kids start complaining. LOL! Burritos tonight. Yum!



Allison said...

yay your back....been checking every now and then. Love your layouts they all look fantastic.
goodluck with the block and thanks for stopping by my blog

Melissa Goodsell said...

Yay for building!
Double Yay for the cool layouts, I'm especially in love with the ride one Ange.
P.S. Head hanging down low, I still have your plate :O(

Sharmaine said...

love the layouts Ange!!