Wednesday, 20 June 2007

We Have Light!

We just had a black-out. It started just before the kids bed-time. At first they were a bit worried, but after we got out the torches and dug up some old candles, they thought it was great fun. We put Jacco to bed at about 7:30, with a candle in his room ( don't worry, it was way out of reach) and he went off to sleep no worries at all (he is such a good boy) but as for the other two, it was a bit of a struggle to get them to settle down a go to sleep. We decided to let GG go in with Ben, we didn't think she would like being up stairs by herself. There was a lot of talking and giggling, but they eventually went to sleep. They will be tired at school tomorrow.

Meanwhile Jon and I were chilling out on the couch, watching the candle-light, listening to the rain on the roof, it was quite nice, for a while, then I got a bit board, lol, so I whipped out the camera, lol, and got some pics of the beautiful candle flame. Then I wanted to try and toast marshmallows, and it worked, and they were really yummy, then I think I had a few too many, and then I felt sick, lol.

Anyway here are some of the photo's I took, the one of me toasting marshmallows is funny:0)



Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Chilli Tuesday

Winter is well and truly here.. I really noticed the cold yesterday when we were up and about early taking BJ to school. It was his first day back after a couple of weeks holiday and he seemed a bit quiet and shy, I guess it will take a little while for him to settle down again, it probably seems like ages to him since he's been there. Georgia is back tomorrow, and really looking forward to it. She has been asking and asking when she can go back to dancing. It's good that she is missing it, i guess that means she really likes going. They don't start back up till Saturday week, so she still has a while to wait.

While Ben was at school, Georgia, Jackson and myself went to Eastlands to find a pressie for Jon, it's his birthday on Monday and we might be going to the shack for the weekend, so I thought I better get in early. Why are men so hard to buy for?????????? I did get one thing, but that was something he said he wanted, so that was easy, but I have no idea what else to get him. Mmm I will have to put my thinking cap on:0)

While we were at Eastlands we met up with my mum and my sister and her kids, Georgia hadn't seen her cousin Isabelle for the whole of the holidays, so it made her happy to catch up with her again.

I have a couple of DVDs to recommend, one is a animated family one called "Barnyard" It is so funny. The kids love it, Jon loves it and even I love it. It's really funny.

Another one is "Walk The Line" this isn't a kids one, I borrowed it off my mum and I have now watched it 5 times. It's the story of Johnny Cash. It's got a lot of singing in it and it so cool.

Georgia is very excited about this weekend, she now has her very own life-jacket, which means she can now come out in Herbie (our boat, weird name, I know) and hopefully catch her first fish. Jon had to go to Big W to get some things and Georgia wanted to go too. So off they went, and when they came home she showed me her new life-jacket, I was kindda surprised he got her one, because they aren't cheep, he said they were in the fishing section, and she saw the little life jacket, and she looked at him with this gorgeous look in her eyes and said "please Daddy" and Jon just couldn't say no:0) (that's my girl LOL)

Lastly I thought I share a few photo's that make me laugh. Some are old and some a recent.

Jackson really enjoying his icey pole.

Trying to get a cute photo of all the kids in their Jammie's on my bed, this is the result, a cute one of Jacco but see in the background, Ben and Georgia are having a wrestle!!!

Do ya think I'm sexy???

Crazy Girl!

I love these four, even if they are crazy!!!

Hope you keep warm

Bye for now


Friday, 15 June 2007

It's About Time

I thought it was about time I updated this lonely little blog. I was thinking about what to write about and it's kinda amazing what can happen in a month.

The most exciting news I have is that we finally found a building block, it is close by so I'm glad we don't have to change the kids school and stuff like that. We have been busy working out our floor plan, and we have settled on one we both like so now we have to wait for the titles to come through then we can get started, it's very exciting to be building again.

School holiday's are almost over:0( but we have had a great time. Mum has got a shack up the east-coast now and we can use it whenever we like (lucky us) So we have been up there over the past week. The kids have had so much fun and are still catching up on sleep, as they had lots of late nights. I loved the camp fire we had on a couple of nights, toasting marsh mellows (yum) . And the walks to the point where the kids went looking for crabs and enjoyed throwing rocks into the water.

We had Jon's mum and dad come up for a BBQ lunch on one day, they brought Clare and Angus with them so the kids had fun playing with them. And on the last night my sister came up with Jye, Amelia, Sarah and her friend Lauren, and stayed the night which was great fun. I can't wait till summer time.

While we were at the shack, Mum and I went for a drive to this little shop, it's like a Christmas all year round shop, and it also has some craft supplies so I decided to buy some felt and thread and try some stitching. I didn't really have any idea what to make, then I had a brain-wave. Jackson was watching a Peppa pig DVD which he really loves ATM, so I made him a little George and a dinosaur (if you don't know peppa pig, George is peppa's little brother and he loves dinosaur's and I think it's the only word he can say, lol) I guess it turned out OK for my first try, and I already have requests from Ben and Georgia for some for them.

I haven't done any scrap booking for such a long time, I did start a little mini album just before we went to the shack, so I hope to get that finished soon.

Thanks for stopping by.