Saturday, 14 April 2007

Lazy Sunday

We had a lovely Easter. The kids woke at about 6:50am and were so excited to find an Easter egg in their baskets by their beds, then they spotted the bunny foot tracks through the house and they lead out to the backyard where the Easter bunny had hidden more eggs. We had to try and stall them from going out cause it was still a bit dark and very cold (brrr...) so the got dressed and watched a bit of telly then headed out to search for eggs. After they found them all we went to Jon's brothers house for a BBQ lunch. They live in the country and it was such a beautiful day, so still and quiet and you can't beat that fresh country air:0) The kids had fun playing with their cousins and we took Angus and Clare home with us to stay the night. Angus is Ben's age and they get on so well together, they always have, even when they were babies. Clare is about a year older that Georgia, they also get on really well.

They were really good, at night the girls were in together ans the boys were down stairs together, they talked in bed for about an hour, then fell asleep about 9:30 which was pretty good. The girls outlasted the boys though, in the end they fell asleep together in our bed (so cute) The following day Jon had to work day shift so he left for work about 10ish and the kids played happily all morning. After lunch we headed down to the beach, it was another beautiful day, they even swam and had a wonderful time. Jon arrived home at 6:30pm we had mum for tea. After tea the kids went outside for a game of spotlight in the dark. Clare and Angus got picked up at 8:30pm then it was bed time (they all slept very well:0))

The kids have been home all week for Easter break, we headed up north for a couple of nights away which was nice, just what the doctor ordered I think, I am feeling a lot better, no more horrible aches and pains I had before we went.

Yesterday GG when dancing, she is now in a class with girls her age and she went really well. I thought she would be a bit shy going into a new group with different girls and without Biz, but she was fine, and as long as she is happy that's the main thing. No point me spending all that time and money sending her if she isn't enjoying it and having fun. Right??

Jon and Ben have a new ps2 game that they both really love, it's called Barnyard, and they are hooked, It's actually a DVD movie, and it's really funny, even Jon and I got some laughs when we watched it.

Here a a couple of LO I have done recently.

This one is pretty self explanatory

And this Photo of GG is quite strange looking but i had to scrap it anyway. My poor camera has had one to many sticky little fingers on it and I was snapping away and realised the shutter wasn't fully opened, and this was the result, dunno why but I just liked it:0)

And this one, Don't laugh!! It's not what you think. I didn't realise until after I completed it that it kindda looks like Jacco has wet himself, but it's not, really it's not. The kids love playing with water outside and he just loves to splash in the puddles of water that get on the concrete.

Hopfully I'll have more to share in the next couple of days.

Today so far has been a very lazy day, we might go look at this new block of land that has come up, with a bit of luck it might be *the one*?????

Ange xx