Monday, 10 December 2007

A Catch Up

Thought I'd do a post on what's been happening in the last couple of months, If I can remember, I am a slack blogger, I know I've said that 100 times before. Here goes..........

Georgia's 5Th Birthday

Her birthday was the 5Th November.


Some of her pressies were: a new bike, mlp balloon house, Felicity wishes book, fishing rod, jewellery box plus other bits and pieces.

She took pink, white and red cupcakes to school on the Wednesday.

And she had a party on Saturday with a couple of her little friends from school, and family, She had a Strawberry Shortcake cake that my sister helped me decorate.

Georgia's Dance Concert.

The concert was on Saturday 17th Nov, They had a matinee and evening performance.

She did a song and dance (I'm a little doll) It was so cute, and she did such a fantastic job, we were so proud of her. She can't wait for the next concert next year(I definitely can!!) It's a big day for everyone, but the kids just have so much fun, which is all worth it!!

Some photo's

Jackson's 3rd Birthday.

His birthday was 22nd November.

Some of his pressies were: a new bike & helmet, mack truck and lightening McQueen car, Books, tonka tractor & trailer.

We had a family BBQ that night, I made him cupcakes too (green & Blue).

New House

Building is going well, and they should be at lock up by Christmas, hopefully we'll be in Feb/March. The kids always want to go up after school and see what's been happening. We still call it the block, but it is starting to really look like a house now.


We are just about organised for Christmas, which is a great feeling, just a couple of pressies to go. This will be our last Christmas at Fahan, which is a bit sad, I wonder where we'll have it next year!!

Mum got me to make the lolly boxes again this year for their Christmas Dinner,I had to do about 50 and I was glad when I finished, lol, here is a photo:

Sorry Mel no exciting Christmas decoration photos!! Maybe next time:0)

Georgia has her nativity play on Thursday, so that should be cute, hopefully have some photos to share:0)

Thanks for stopping by.



Melissa Goodsell said...

Farout, what a mammoth post Ange - how amazing are the invites that you made for Georgia's birthday, that is an AWESOME idea, love it. Both birthday cakes look fabulous too, that's another great idea doing cupcakes in the shape of their birthday age. You are so clever! I also love Georgia's dance photos, she looks so cute.

Sharmaine said...

Oh My Ange!! You are one clever cake maker!!! LOVE them!!
Gorgeous photos and glad that house is taking shape!!!

Sharmaine said...

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas :) Just popped over to say HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

Melissa Goodsell said...

I hope you had a really lovely Christmas Ange!